In the original published studies, the northern New Mexico region was essentially ignored (Shackley 1988, 1990, 1995). Since then, due in part to the increase in the number of archaeological obsidian projects in this region, an increased emphasis was placed on the work in the region (Glascock et al. 1999; Shackley 2000a; Wolfman 1994). Today, obsidian sources in the Mount Taylor Volcanic Field are well documented, and we are currently investigating the secondary as well as primary sources of archaeological obsidian in the Jemez Mountains (Sierra de los Valles), and the No Agua Peak domes in the Mount San Antonio Volcanic Field have been sampled and analyzed and reported here. Since the work in this region is more recent, the depth in which the sources have been investigated has similarly increased.

To a discussion of the bedrock and alluvial deposition of the Jemez Mountains and the Valles Caldera

Mount Taylor Volcanic Field (Grants Ridge/Horace Mesa)

The Jemez Mountains and the Sierra de los Valles

            El Rechuelos

            Rabbit Mtn and Cerro Toledo Rhyolite

            Valle Grande Rhyolite

            Bear Springs Peak

The Taos Plateau Volcanic Field and No Agua Peak Obsidian

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